MSI pays cash for excess inventory, closeouts, and overstocks and moves the product we acquire through channels that don’t compete with your interests. Allowing us to buy your unwanted inventory not only gives you cash for under-performing inventory, it also frees up valuable warehouse space to make room for product that is performing.

We are interested in purchasing as few as many units as you wish to sell. We buy everything as-is, with no returns, and no hassles for you.

Contact us regarding any media product that you are no longer interested in selling at retail, and we’ll work to have a quote for you within 48 hours. Once you agree to the transaction, we handle all logistics and movement of the inventory we buy from you.

Hopefully, our first transaction with you will lead to a continued relationship where you trust us to purchase product as frequently as your needs demand. Our goal is to help your bottom line by providing you with a valuable service.


MSI supplies media product for your inventory when you need it. If we don’t have the specific product you need, we will quickly find it for you in any number of units you require.

We can also store and move your product as necessary. No request is too small or large that we can’t help.

Contact us today and let us fulfill your media inventory needs.


MSI can easily process returns for your company. Any items that your customers want to return will come directly to MSI’s warehouse for us to process on your behalf.

Any items that customers want to return will come directly to our warehouse, where we will act as your returns depot.

MSI will provide a detailed list of how the goods were returned, what needs to be done about it, and a liquidation price. MSI performs these services for a small, negotiable handling fee.

MSI can also hold the item for relisting on the retailer’s website and will handle the shipping to the new buyer directly.

Additionally, we can execute fulfillment of your goods and services offered for sale on your website. We currently pack and ship for a growing number of product lines.

Contact us for more information about how we can seamlessly manage your return and fulfillment needs.